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Global Link offices are located around the globe. For further information please contact:

Global Link Sales

Boston, USA
Lora Britko
Managing Director
Tel: +1.617.664.8593
Email: llbritko@globallink.com

Toronto, Canada
Lawrence Lee
Assistant Vice President
Tel: +1.647.775.5928
Email: lxlee@globallink.com

London, UK
Andy Kidd
Vice President
Global Link Europe
Tel: +44.203.395.7820
Email: akidd@statestreet.com

Asia Ex Japan
Andrew Cromie
Vice President
Tel: +65.6826.7109
Email: acromie@globallink.com

Sydney, Australia
Jonathan Gencher
Vice President
Tel: +612.8249.1204
Email: jgencher@statestreet.com

Tokyo, Japan
Takuyuki Koyama
Managing Director
Tel: +81.3.4530.7510
Email: tkoyama@globallink.com

Frankfurt, Germany
Eva Connors
Vice President
Tel: +49.69.66774.5696
Email: econnors@globallink.com



Global Link Support


Global Link Integration

North America +1.877.454.3570
Email: glhelp@globallink.com

Europe +44.203.395.7864
Email: glhelp@globallink.com

Singapore +65.6826.7166
Email: glhelp@globallink.com

Hong Kong +852.2978.9202
Email: glhelp@globallink.com

Taiwan +886.2.2376.1376
Email: glhelp@globallink.com

Japan +81.3.4530.7520
Email: jphelp@globallink.com

Australia 1.800.GLHELP (454357)
Int'l +612.8249.1208
Email: glhelp@globallink.com

For integration related inquiries and support
please contact FXIntegration@globallink.com

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